Founded in 1997, Breyer's activity has evolved from the execution of projects related to systems engineering to become a reference company for installation of centralized systems for logical security management. These type of projects are initiated as a response to a series of needs that arise with ever increasing urgency in companies and institutions with large infrastructures and a growing volume of devices related to logical security, namely:

- The existence of large non structured information flows coming from multiple physical and logical devices, in which the relevant information for the management of vulnerabilities and response to internal and external threats can be found. Typical cases are the proliferation of IDS, which generate a large quantity of information which is difficult to manage or the need to simultaneously monitor multiple platforms for the management of firewalls, switches, and other devices.

- A need to undertake a forensic analysis of security incidents that have been detected in a detailed fashion and, wherever necessary, be able to present valid proof in judicial or legal processes.

- As a consequence of the former, a need to manage resources destined to logical security in an efficient way by creating Security Operating Centers which are efficient and profitable and which are capable of analysing and acting in real time.

- A need to comply with regulatory and auditing requisites (Sarbanes – Oxley etc).

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