Breyer Company - Information Security Management

The Breyer organization is ready to collaborate closely with its clients in the quest for and implementation of solutions to the concerns of today and challenges of tomorrow; handling projects that go from analysis of infrastructures to integration, and adaptation of systems and defence from external and internal threats. Breyer is able to take on the whole project cycle and intervene in specific phases of a project.
Our services are essentially focused on the implementation, integration and management of technologies and systems relating to logical security. Our projects generally involve complex systems which generate massive information flows. Our specific areas of activity are the following:

- Carrying out projects in design and implementation of SOC (Security Operating Centers) and Computer Security Incident Response Teams.
- Capture, filtering, correlation and analysis of logs in devices from a security point of view
- Systems for network vigilance and forensic analysis.
- Automatic detection of network anomalies.
- Design, implementation and management of SOC's (Security operating centers).
- Balanced scorecards.
- Metrics and compliance.
- User monitoring.
- Updating and management of vulnerabilities and intrusion detection.
- Training.


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