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PRODUCTS Arcsight Inc is the global leader in Enterprise Security Management (ESM) software, linking it to key business assets and processes. Arcsight enables large organisations to achieve improved protection, more productivity, operational confidence and good regulatory compliance. Arcsight provides all elements critical to enterprise security management including log capture, event aggregation and storage, real time analysis, incident investigation, attack remediation, reporting and auditing.


Guidance Software Inc was founded in 1997, with the aim of developing forensic analysis systems for digital information. Since its foundation Guidance Software and its family of Encase products have achieved an exceptional reputation within companies, institutions and security agencies all over the world due to the quality of its technology. It has over 20,000 active clients.
In these last few years Guidance Software's initial objective has broadened, incorporating high level network analysis functionalities, integration with technologies from third parties and a powerful e discovery module for search and analysis in internal incident investigations
Commanding a unique position at the nexus of security and networking, Q1Labs provides organizations with the surveillance, analysis and control technology needed to eliminate external threats and internal policy enforcement risks. Q1Labs’ innovative product, QRadar, features intelligent, behavior-based, real-time analysis that recognizes, isolates and resolves the source of threats and anomalous behavior caused by security breaches or unacceptable internal activity. Q1 Labs’ installed base of customers includes government agencies, academic and financial institutions, energy companies, service providers and healthcare providers.
nCircle’s enterprise class solutions utilize agentless technology and a patented discovery methodology to ensure that every system on the network can be assessed for security risks and configuration compliance. Utilizing objective measurement and consistent risk scoring across the full product line, nCircle Suite360 eliminates the confusion and high costs associated with the acquisition, deployment and management of separate point products.                                                                                                


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